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If you don’t really like to using credit cards and prefer using cryptocurrency, then a specific tool that could help you manage all the units of currency you use could come in super handy for you. Manage your bitcoins, litecoins, dogecoins or peercoins with this app.

FCorp – CryptoMiner is an app that helps you keep a record of all the movements made with your different cryptocurrency, independently and each currency with its corresponding window. Using FCorp – CryptoMiner you can quickly search for the exact address of a place where you could take out your cryptocurrency or where you can pay with them, for example.

Also, you can earn bitcoins weekly by performing small contributions to the app. So, you can easily manage your virtual money and earn money by contributing to the development of the app. Manage and earn bitcoins in the simplest way possible with FCorp – CryptoMiner.
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